Android Vs iOS – The Most Moneymaking Technology

Nowadays It’s supposed to be the strongest rivalry in modern technology, thousands of people try to compare the biggest mobile operating systems.

Which one is “the best”, more popular, more secure, better designed and etc. There’s no simple answer because each operating system has advantages and disadvantages.

“Which Mobile Platform Should We Use To Develop Our App?”

Asking this question today usually means deciding between the two most popular platforms, iOS or Android and increasingly for Windows Phone, but this choice is not easy, because clients must consider the cost of development and the number of users will reach.

In the next graph we can compare which operating system is creating more jobs sorted by country.

Android Vs iOS – The Most Moneymaking Technology chiefcore app development

Marketing Adapted to your App

Mobile devices, unlike other media, has a lower saturation advertising, which affects a great opportunity for differentiation in relation to competition and thus make your product stand above the rest.

The number of downloads and the time spent on mobile media budget are proportional, because with increased investment more of downloads will be obtained and the application reach top positions in the rankings of apps, increasing the number of downloads considerably.

Develop a marketing plan for your mobile application has two major milestones. The first encompasses all activity prior to the launch of the app which we call Pre-Release, and the second, which focuses on the work done once the app is on the market, which we call Post-Launch. Both landmarks are indispensable, as the landmark of post-release can not be developed without finishing steps prior milestone, having obtained the desired to continue the expansion of the application results.

Marketing Adapted to your App chiefcore app development
  • Pre-Release – The first step will be to create a landing page for your product, and that this will begin to give visibility to your app, while anecdotes of a clear reference where all the contents of the application. There are several online tools and templates that allow you to easily and quickly develop your pitch page without extra effort. Unbounce is a simple tool that will guide us step by step through the creation process. Bootstrap is another resource where we find various templates and examples of creation.
  • Post-Launch – Once we launched the App to tap markets take another step forward, and focus on product quality that will directly affect your users, and therefore, in your downloads. The first step will be to develop a marketing plan in social networks geared to our app and allow us to customize the advertising we want to spread and types of users who want to capture. It is the point of creating product profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter and other environments. Always thinking well that social networks will be able to maintain, and is of little use to support all social networks for a few weeks because we want is to have evidence, which will result in more visibility of our app.

  • In Chiefcore we can´t stop innovating and developing our algorithms marketing techniques focused on implementation and visibility of your website, with the latest SEO tools, achieving position your project in the top.

    Red Hat, one of the best Linux distributions for companies

    Red Hat is a giant in the world of Linux that has contributed greatly to most open source projects, including the Linux kernel itself. Red Hat strengthens its position working closely with other emerging platforms such as OpenStack.

    The business publication Forbes updated its list of the 100 most innovative companies in the world, most notably Red Hat in 12th place.

    In Forbes indicate that "Red Hat's growth reflects the support of ICT to Open Source. Red Hat will achieve billions of dollars selling a subscription service that provides a distribution of the Linux operating system that is stable and fully supported ".

    Red Hat Enterprise Linuxis known as one of the best systems for business use, its quality support offers stability and constant security updates that convey tranquility to its customers.

    Red Hat released last year Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) after three and a half years of development, bringing developments with respect to the previous version, released in 2010.

    red hat rhel7 chiefcore app development

    RHEL 7 can highlight many things, the first is the inclusion of Docker, a tool for creating containers available to libraries and runtime environment of an operating system without using virtual machines and can do without a guest operating system. This is achieved by sharing the kernel between 'dockers' (containers), thus minimizing resource usage to only have a runtime environment with its libraries and not the entire system.

    No fear for the topic of virtualization as KVM will remain a key to Red Hat and its corporate solutions.

    The filesystem is another highlight as already known, Red Hat has chosen as XFS file system by default. This is distinguished from Oracle and SUSE have preferred to bet on the future Btrfs claiming that the latter is not yet mature enough for production environments. However BtrFS 7 RHEL be available as an option. About XFS its ability to handle a partition of up to 500 terabytes, a capability that today is beyond the reach of most stands.

    Another notable new features of Red Hat 7 Manager is the change Database System (DBMS) by default. MariaDB comes gradually phased MySQL, making RHEL 7 in the first operating system to include corporate default. This possibly reach CentOS for its alliance with Red Hat and probably the first step in abandoning MySQL, but here too we must add the immobility of much of the programming sector factor playing in for Oracle.

    Systemd replacing Upstart and GNOME Classic as default environment. The first involves a revolution in the management and use of GNU / Linux, especially at the server level. Longtime Linux desktop users we enjoying the benefits of systemd, which simplifies the management of the operating system in some ways, making it easier management system services.

    Communication with Windows has been enhanced with support for Active Directory. It is seen that the new RHEL 7 comes ready to give everything, offering a highly competitive product in corporate, filled with news that certainly marked a before and after in the world of corporate computing environments.

    For more information, see the official documentation of RHEL7

    Programmers future

    The program has grown from a future profession to become a profession of this, but until when?

    Personally I think still have many years of boom for this guild, but much more specialized.

    So perhaps the phrase "I have a computer friend who can fix your PC" fall into disuse or changed to: "I know a profile systems that can," who knows ...

    As there are still many years where the figure of developer will be paramount and there are many batches of so-called "computer" would be nice breakdown points or skills that will make any future programmer stand out from the rest.

    As technology has evolved, logic tells us that the capabilities or skills that should be the developer of the future are:

    developers developers developers developers chiefcore app development

    - Manage at least one of the major programming languages: Java, .NET or PHP. We like them or not, are the high-level languages ​​most used. And they will remain so unless the emergence of a hypothetical and unlikely solar storm that lie around and have to reinvent the wheel.

    - Learn and use Frameworks; The typical phrase is no need to reinvent the wheel, we have been hearing many years. While it is true that we must have some knowledge of how these "black boxes" that call frameworks or libraries work, you need not develop fully. So before starting any project or module, you must take the time to investigate whether there is any framework that simplifies the development and make the most efficient and robustly. I would say that every day we must take the time to investigate new tools that can optimize the tasks that we develop.

    - Web Development; Although by programmers has always been the ugly duckling of technology today Web programming is far more complex and even then it can be called xD programming. Every programmer to deign must have basic knowledge of frameworks, technologies like HTML5, CSS, etc .. It seemed that the Web would disappear but far from it! Even has a long future in the Web, as it is part of almost all IT projects and systems.

    - Web services are fundamental to any system today, during the famous passage Client / Server but few have changed since then. Will continue and will continue consuming Web services on different technologies: REST, SOAP, WSDL, JSON, XML .. Some more than others, but generally all applications using dynamic data to enrich themselves, because like the Web computing in general tends to be social and global.

    - Common Sense and social skills; Computer programmers no longer hide in caves, working at night or go exclusively to roleplaying. Today they are involved in all stages of development, work in teams and have to have some emotional and social to work on major development groups and talk with clients in a natural and common language intelligence.

    - Knowledge of different programming paradigms. Not limited to object-oriented methodology, one must know the functional and dynamic programming. These paradigms expand the horizon of programmers and let them think of ways to achieve solutions to problems. Stop thinking about classes and entities to think of a more close to natural language pseudocode. Interesting would handle Python and SQL languages ​​like MongoDB or not it relate Redis, for example.

    - Involvement and domain knowledge; As much as programmers need to abstract the problem that relates to develop, the reality is that the most popular programmers are those who are involved in the project domain. You can not pretend that clients or project managers are able to translate it into requirements and functionalities, it must be the developer who does this function.

    - Standards and hygiene code; When a developer is incorporated into a long term project scope, must be willing to join a development team with other programmers like. For your code is accepted into the branch has to meet basic standards of acceptable and clean code. The expression of "nibbles code" may be worth for a solo project but not a big project. The variables, classes, methods have to fit in with the rest of the project to be useful, often the oldest project spend more time outside refactoring code programming, which is unproductive.

    - Mobile development, it seems that development for mobile applications goes for long, anyway that device talk and that Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu operating system .. We do not know what will be the environment most demanded in the future , what we do know is that it will maintain the same or more importance. The crux of the matter are the limitations and specializations that the development for a specific hardware device, ie, native. From experience, the most important thing is to know the environment where the software is deployed, limitations and procedures of these. For example knowing the lifecycle of apps on mobile devices is essential to know how to act in the background, managing threads and concurrency, etc ..

    Geofencing - The Future Of Advertising

    The near future of mobile advertising comes on the heels of the expression Geofencing or Geotargeting (segmentation by location), and is neither more nor less than the possibility of offering deals and discounts to users based on location physical, obtained by the device's GPS geo.

    In a practical example, a clothing brand could establish a range of interests within which may offer a host of actions that the user will receive on your phone. Thus, it could offer limited to that store or personalized offers, depending on customer tastes discounts.

    The technology to automate the creation Geofencing alerts, suggesting where to get what we want, or discounts that best suit our current location.

    Geofencing - The Future Of Advertising chief core app development

    According estimated BIA/Kelsey, later this year invested $ 725 million in local mobile advertising, ie twice last year. But that's not all as it is expected that in the next four years the total investment in this type of advertising will triple, reaching 2.74 billion dollars, increasing due to concerns of marks aligned with a mobile market in constant expansion.

    It is clear that advertising is determined by geo future when reaching the end customer with a higher success rate, so if you have an expansion plan, the Geofencing should be your biggest asset.

    3 Reasons To Create An App For Your Small Business

    In line with the recent era in the use of smartphones is unstoppable, is an indispensable strategy having a mobile application adapted to major platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and can provide the services that the company provides, at the same time expand the service that websites can not reach.

    Small and medium enterprises tend to maximize resource efficiency and improve visibility, which leads directly to increased direct benefits of it. In line with the recent era in the use of smartphones is unstoppable, is an indispensable strategy having a mobile application adapted to major platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and can provide the services that the company provides, at the same time expand the service that websites can not reach.

    Improve customer relationships

    Well if we think of the end customer of the company, and the team that is part of it, developing a mobile application covers the perfect functionality. With the mobile app client will have access to directly contact the company at any time you need, also can see a quick way services offered. A plus is the professional character that brings be supported by the various mobile platforms, as it is shown that simply providing service through an app significantly improves the quality of service provided to the end user. Besides noting that you can define different profiles, as customers or investors and have direct communication with them, consolidating loyalty service offered.

    Reinforce the online marketing

    When logged into an app, users tend to link their data with the major social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Thus achieving valuable data for SMEs, such as mail, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Also increasing its presence in social networks, the SME can seamlessly integrate the application in the context of marketing and online visibility.

    Direct increase in net profit

    A corporate application can even integrate service e-commerce, making the user to buy a product or book a service directly from the phone, without having to make calls or scroll to an establishment. The SME thus opens a new marketing channel that can increase sales and provide a fast and convenient access to the customer.

    The Most Downloaded iOS Applications in 2014

    As usual at this point in December, Apple shows us another year an analysis of the most downloaded applications in the App Store, including paid apps and free for both the iPad and iPhone.

    The big winners were the 2014 games and apps from 0.99 cents, and in the field of free apps have regained social networking and messaging applications. As for my payment, the Heads Up¡ has been discharged, a game in which you must guess which famous person is being shown on the screen of your phone thanks to tracks from your peers.

    As for the top rated apps from App Store, the first was Sleep Cycle alarm clock that lets you sleep peacefully as possible by studying sleep patterns of the user, without wristbands or sensors that can help it. Magic? maybe ...

    The Most Downloaded iOS Applications in 2014 chief core app development

    Full Ranking of most downloaded iOS Apps of 2014:
    1 – Facebook Messenger
    2 – Snapchat
    3 – YouTube
    4 – Facebook
    5 – Instagram
    6 – Pandora Radio
    7 – Google Maps
    8 – Flipagram
    9 – Spotify Music
    10 – 2048

    The Apps Less Accessible From The Markets

    The shops App Store and Google Play provide mostly free apps many of 0.89€, as WhatsApp, or less than five euros, relatively affordable prices for every pocket. All applications on the market do not have prices that range from above on the Apple store the maximum price you can expect to pay for an application for the device is 899'9€ ($ 999'99) and Android a maximum of 100€.

    Applications related to health, sport or professional applications are the categories that have the highest prices in the market. An example is the BarMaxCA, software application to serve as support to all those who want to become lawyers and must go through the relevant examination California, priced at $ 999'99. Apart from these categories have applications as VIP-Black, the famous "App of millionaires" that gives you the VIP treatment by collaborating partner companies, or others like Water Globe, which allows you to simulate on your iOS device's Typical glass balls filled with water and snow for the modest price of $ 219'9.

    We could say that how expensive or how cheap an application is not closely linked with the utility that we can draw from it, as we found with other applications, with exorbitant prices, which in terms of usefulness leave much to be desired.

    The Apps Less Accessible From The Markets chief core app development

    Windows Phone Entering The Market

    The platform for mobile devices Microsoft has certainly been that more has to talk about this 2014 little more than a year since Microsoft acquired the giant Nokia ago and began its journey through a land in which Apple and Google had and duties rather than facts.

    Since then Windows Phone has been defining its strategy, betting on a midrange all easily reached thanks to the excellent public money for these.

    Today, if you own a business, or have an idea you want to accomplish, we have several options to develop a personalized and appropriate app to us:

    Windows Phone Entering The Market chief core app development

    The following graph shows the progress of the operating system by some countries.

    Market share of windows phone chief core app development

    As we can see from the statistics, it is in Latin America where Windows Phone has managed to penetrate harder. In fact, in countries like Peru, Brazil, and Italy, has managed to snatch iOS his place in the ranking.

    Another less positive note for WP that we see is the deadlock experienced in this September, which has failed to continue the trend of exponential growth with which we had become accustomed.

    It seems that 2015 will be a year in which Microsoft will have to continue doing homework, without neglecting even a second their products. Even so, what is becoming more and more clear is that application developers increasingly have it more into account when developing an app. And left behind the times where it was enough to iOS and Android development.

    And you, you're going to be left behind?

    What does it cost to make an App?

    How could cost developing an app? This is the question that many people today as market orientation is changing towards the development of applications for mobile devices, outpacing other ways of working.

    6 years ago the mobile applications market began his career with the creation of the Apple App Store, the publication of the first software for Android and the Android Market opening. Since then, the development of applications and games for Android and iOS has not stopped growing exponentially.

    Today, if you own a business, or have an idea you want to accomplish, we have several options to develop a personalized and appropriate app to us:

    Money for app chief core app development

  • On the one hand we have different websites, where we can launch our project and freelance developers make us personalized offers for its development. The downside is that the customer-developer relationship is not as close as can be to other options besides adding the doubtful quality and maintenance. Nubelo, Freelancer, Yeeply, Appfutura o Infojobs Freelance are some examples.
  • Another way to develop the App you have in mind is to contact a company dedicated to developing applications for mobile devices. In this case, you will have direct contact with developers, and allow you to advance a bespoke development and consistent quality. Already there are several companies dedicated solely to developing apps, so if you want a job done right, do not discard this option.

  • Once you have conceived the idea of ??development, doubt arises budget. How much will the development? It's a common question, and mobile technology just takes a few years and received by investors is slower than by customers. Contact any company creating apps and ask the budget is the simplest way yet, there are web portals where you can get an idea of?? the development costs, depending on the characteristics of the application.

  • HowMuchToMakeAnApp is one of the most popular options, it will choosing and defining different aspects of our future App (iOS platform, Android, type login, building design, etc.). Also noteworthy is that the estimation of working hours is based on the US wage, averaging $ 80 / h, so if you are a customer outside the US budget will be about 50% of the labeled on the web.
  • CuantoCuestaMiApp is another website where, in the same way as above, can be defining each of the steps until you have the full detail of the process. The advantage of this portal is that we can go see each of the costs at each step, and thus know how to develop the details of the app is encouraged.

  • Whatever your choice, please talk to experts who can advise and go hand in hand in developing. Do not let your idea to stay in basically an idea and make it happen.

    Apps and TV, a good combination

    A few months ago due to growth in the market for mobile applications, companies such technological content has leapt in marketing and television have occupied so get your product to everyone, without distinction.

    A year ago it was unthinkable for a developer of apps see that its mobile application could go directly to a TV spot and rub shoulders with well-established advertising spot.

    But today, this trend has changed radically since the market has absorbed completely apps to other platforms.

    For these reasons, and for a substantial customer growth of mobile applications, advertisers have seen the need to focus campaigns more than sympathetically and wanting to reach the widest possible audience, without distinguishing age or tastes, which has led to develop explicit advertising campaigns for television, and well let us see that the technological future is closely by centralizing the product in the palm of your hand.

    Pioneers are shown in this reach commercials, but it is clear that this is only the beginning.

  • Wallapop - Application of buying and selling second-hand goods
  • Whatsred - Plans and Hotspots

  • Red Fridge - Calls takeout

  • Segundamano - Buying and selling near you
  • The career of the 64 bits

    Android 64 chief core

    Since September 2013 the 64-bit architecture entered fully into the world of mobile with iPhone 5S, holding fast Apple an edge over rival manufacturers. Since then, all iPhone and iPad presented so far mounted the same technology. Today, Apple hardware products boast these features are the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Air iPad 2, iPad mini 2013 and mini iPad 3, plus the previously mentioned iPhone 5S.

    Qualcomm took a year more than Apple, but has already completed its first mobile chip in this architecture. Samsung, MediaTek, NVidia and other manufacturers have also introduced or are developing mobile CPUs of 64 bits for inclusion in the new versions of smartphones and tablets.

    Google also wanted to make the move to this model of architecture, since Android 5.0 "Lollipop" is an operating system designed to run on a 64-bit architecture, despite not having today any Android device with these characteristics, although the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6, will be presented in November with the first processor of this type.

    As for performance, Apple claims that this chip architecture is up to 2x faster and has dual graphics power compared to the previous chip (Apple A6). Moreover, comparisons made to date in CPUs of these characteristics demonstrate benefits in about 10% yield.

    Last week, Apple reported that as of February 1, 2015, all new iOS applications must include 64-bit support and designed with the SDK for iOS 8, which is included in Xcode 6 or later.

    We'll see if the competitors accept the challenge that Apple has already an advantage.

    Android: And You

    Android: And You is the name of the new commercial video from Google. This time they surprised with people of all different ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations show doing all kinds of crazy, always interspersed with company products.

    Making it clear that Android is present in sectors such as automotive, wearables, television, etc. In general, they want to boast that every day, Android is more part of your life.

    By the way, the song that accompanies the video is "Party Hard" by Andrew WK

    The Internet Of Things: Thinking Things

    The Internet Of Things: Thinking Things chief core

    A few days ago we witnessed the release of the new product by Telefonica Lab, which aims to position your product in terms of connectivity and automation issues.

    In this case it is a small interconnected modules, where each has its specific function, and can be made by combining applications where, for example, can control security in our home with our phone. Today available battery modules, connection management, and the module with temperature and humidity sensors.

    The advantage of this design over other possibilities such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi lies in abstraction and modularity connectivity issues since acquiring your Ambient Kit comes including a minimum of six months of global connectivity, getting with this extrapolated the possibilities when thinking about your project, and take one step above connection modules where you have to set it manually to complete.

    The main idea is by Telefonica attract potential developers such projects, as they have created several APIs and programming examples and communication between modules, which can help to shape any ideas, also provides us with a tool web, from which we can manage modules.

    Apps adapted to your business

    Apps adapted to your business chief core

    Whether your business is a Hotel, Restaurant, Fashion Shop, Barber Shop Cupcakes as one, and we have the perfect solution tailored to your business.

    We help you choose the most suitable design and features to you, to reach all your customers and increase the number of sales.

    ChiefCore is the smartest and easiest way to create Android and iOS application designs that will choose yourself and that will make you stand out and enhance your visibility in the market.

    Whatever the purpose of your business, we can make it grow together.

    How to create a corporate image

    Corporate Image

    One of the major problems when starting a project, be it Web, Android or iOS, the corporate image is that of a professional nature and help the user identify your product easily and comfortably.

    This week we bring you some links that will help you to style and strength to your corporate image:

    * Finder Free Text Sources:
    * Color Palettes for professional design:
    * Design and creation of buttons with Ninepaths:

    Sketch -> Wireframe -> Mockup

    Sketch - Wireframe - Mockup

    Many times, when addressing design an App or web, we fall into the trap of using terms like Mockup or Wireframe wrongly.

    Wait a minute!

    The Sketch is the first step and is the initial sketch and static low quality, no details, just develop the main idea.

    Wireframe is a low quality design, but contains the main contents and basic structure of the project.

    The Mockup is the final static design, where the actual content and functionality of the application is displayed.